BelaSigna R262 Devboards

Wideband Voice Capture and Noise Reduction Solution

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BelaSigna® R262 is a complete system-on-chip (SoC) solution that provides wideband single- or dual-microphone noise reduction in voice capture devices such as mobile phones, VoIP application including webcams and tablet computers, two-way radios and other applications that can benefit from improved voice clarity.

Featuring a novel approach to removing mechanical, stationary and non-stationary noise, the chip preserves voice naturalness for greater speech intelligibility regardless of acoustic environment or the orientation of the handheld device while in use—providing unmatched freedom of movement for end-users. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of codecs, baseband chips and microphones without the need for calibration or external components, BelaSigna R262 is easy to integrate, improving manufacturers' time to market.

Additional features include de-reverberation, the ability to customize multiple voice capture modes and outputs and to tune the algorithm to the unique needs of a manufacturer's device. The chip includes a highly optimized DSP-based application controller with industry-leading energy efficiency and is packaged in a highly compact 5.3 mm² WLCSP to fit the most sized-constrained industrial designs.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Easy to integrate: Drop-in hardware and software solution that works without special tuning, calibration or external components
  • Versatile voice capture: Consistently captures voice regardless of acoustic environment or orientation of the device while in use
  • Design flexibility: Adaptive nature of algorithm enables flexibility in microphone placement and eliminates production line tuning; compatible with a broad range of microphones
  • Advanced noise reduction: Effective against stationary and non-stationary background noise to improve voice clarity while preserving intelligibility and voice naturalness
  • Simplified system integration: Complete System-on-Chip takes two microphone signals and plugs directly into a digital microphone interface (DMIC) or into a host chip's microphone inputs
  • 360 degree voice pick-up: Conference mode clearly captures distant voices up to 6 meters from voice capture device
  • Configurable system: Available PC-based tool provides easy control over all system settings
  • Energy efficient: Ultra-low power consumption allows longer operation in active and standby modes without sacrificing performance
  • Miniature size: Easily integrates into existing industrial designs due to minimal board area requirements
  • Samples: you can request samples of the BR262W26A103E1G chip directly from us. This is a post-sales service, that requires you have ordered at least one of the Belasigna R262 development boards.

Typical Applications

  • Mobile phones
  • VoIP applications including webcams and tablet computers
  • Two-way radios
  • Smart televisions
  • Any device that picks up voice


Link to ON Semiconductor's BelaSigna R262 product page

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